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Burial from a Different Dimension - CP08-EN010 - Rare - Promo Edition

Champion Pack 8

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Extra Info

Attribute: Spell
Card Number: CP08-EN010
Card Type: Quick-Play Spell
Set: Champion Pack: Game 8
Monster Type:
Rarity: Rare
Passcode: 48976825
Card Text: Select up to 3 removed from play monsters and return them to their owners' Graveyards.
Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. You may select cards from either players Removed Zone. They will be returned to their respective owner's Graveyards. [Re: Evil Hero Infernal Prodigy] If 'Evil Hero Infernal Prodigy' is removed from play when Tributed (by 'Macro Cosmos', etc.) or after it is Tributed (by 'Soul Release', etc.), its effect will still activate in the End Phase. If it is returned to the Graveyard with 'Burial from a Different Dimension', its effect will not activate during the End Phase.
Name: Burial from a Different Dimension
Edition: Promo
Pendulum Scale:

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